LR processing

Cost reduction for products requiring higher conductivitythan LR processing, which has suppressed surface resistance.

Every day communication devices are getting more sophisticated, and performance of molded magnesium products is required to advance. Especially, the electric resistance of its chemical conversion surface is desired to be further lowered and stabilized for extension of a radio wave frequency band and for assembly cost reduction by simple electric connections.

We have evolved from ANC processing, which is a non-chromate chemical conversion treatment of magnesium products, into Low Resistance (LR) processing, which has very low and stable electric resistance.This has simplified the earth-connecting of the substrate by just connecting to a magnesium case unit. It also has excellent corrosion resistance. Therefore this LR technology certainly deserves to apply to housings of communication devices.

LR processing (Low Resistance)

As electric resistance of the coat is stabilized in low value, this technology contributes to assembly cost reduction by simple ground connection.

LR processing sample

Super-low surface electric resistance: Non-manganese phosphate type


S-LR processing has even lowered resistance value, apt for applications requiring more advanced conductivity.

S- LR processing sample