White Chemical Conversion Coating for Magnesium Products
The chemical conversion coating on magnesium products, which usually
Is brown, can be much whiter by our LR-W treatment and the white LR-W
coating conceals uneven dark lines and spots due to uneven flow of the
alloyed metals on the surface of the products.
The white LR-W coating makes painted colors brighter and reduces layers
of under-coating required.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the LR-W Treatment

● Conceals uneven tint of the cast surface
● Makes painted colors brighter
● Reduces layers of the under- or base-coating
● Most suitable to paint coating of light and bright colors

Difference in appearance of the painted color

The below photos show digital image of painted clear pink on the LR-W coating, our standard non-chromate coating,
ANC treatment, and a common conversion coating in the market. As the LR-W coating is much whiter than others,
painted pink is brighter and clearer.

*) Surface conductivity: By MCP tester of Mitsubishi Chemical Analytec
**) Salt spray test: JIS Z2371 in spraying for 8 hours and keep at room temperature for 16 hours.